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  • How does the customization process work?
    We offer our customers a variety of options to have any product that we sell customized by laser engraving, or sublimation dye printing. Customers may provide us with their own graphic files for personalization use. There are submission criteria that must be met in order to use any artwork without one time setup charges. Refer to the question below regarding submission requirements for further details. No one time setup fees are imposed when graphic files are submitted, so long as they are 100% compliant with the file submission criteria. Vector graphic files that are uploaded, but are not formatted according to the submission requirements, will be subject to a $14.99 setup charge. No setup charge is imposed for text-only designs. We do not charge by the character, or have character limits/restrictions. Customers are not required to provide any graphics with their purchase. We offer a service where customers can provide us with a description of the design they would like, then we will set up a design using commercially available vector graphics, or graphics from our own library for a setup charge of $14.99 per image. Customers who are only able to provide non-vector graphic files (.jpg, .png, .gif, .bmp, .webp, .tiff, etc), have the option to pay for graphic development services to have our staff recreate their non-vector image into a vector graphic. Fees vary based on the amount of development work required, but the fees for those services start at $45.00 per image, which covers 30 minutes of development time.
  • Does opting out of design expedite the process?
    We do give customers the option to opt out of having design proofs issued, which does improve the turnaround time for orders. That being said, we strongly advise requesting a design proof, at least for the initial order, or orders involving new designs. Requesting a design proof allows customers to participate in the development process, and ensures that they will get exactly what they want! Once a product has been personalized, there are no refunds that will be issued, so design proofs have the benefit of ensuring that customers will receive exactly what they want! Regardless of how your design is set up, or procured, once we have a developed engraving/print design in your customer file, you can call on that design to be used over and over again, for any purchase from our shop, without any further setup charges!
  • I have my own artwork files, are there any submission requirements?"
    Yes, and those requirements will vary depending on whether you are having something laser engraved, or sublimation dye printed.
  • What's the difference between having something laser engraved, or sublimation dye printed?"
    Both processes have their own limitations, requirements, and considerations with regard to the graphic file that is submitted. Laser Engraving: Artwork files must be: vectorized, formatted as a single layer, have blended edges (no segmentation), and be set in RGB black color. Vectorized graphics may be submitted/uploaded with one of the following file extensions: .ai, .eps, .cdr, .svg, .pdf Please be aware that non-vector graphics can be embedded, or saved in any of these file extensions, so just because a graphic file is submitted in one of these file types, that does not automatically make the graphic contained within the file a vectorized graphic.
  • What is an acceptable vectorized image?
    Vectorized graphics may be submitted/uploaded with one of the following file extensions: .ai, .eps, .cdr, .svg, .pdf Please be aware that non-vector graphics can be embedded, or saved in any of these file extensions, so just because a graphic file is submitted in one of these file types, that does not automatically make the graphic contained within the file a vectorized graphic. Segmentation of a graphic occurs when processing a raster (non-vector) graphic through vector-conversion (tracing) software, and doing so in a way that does not unify, or blend the edges of the graphic together to form a solid element. This results in the graphic becoming segmented, or fragmented. It is very common to see this occur in rasterized images that contain gradients, and are converted into a vector format. Generally speaking, it is an acceptable form of converting a raster graphic into vector solely for the creation of a vector graphic, but as it relates to laser engraving work, segmented vector graphics are considered to be unusable, and as such, segmented vector graphics that are submitted for use in laser engraving will be rejected. Customers submitting segmented vector graphics will be required to resubmit a compliant graphic, or purchase additional graphic design services. Vectorized artwork files that are colorized, or are comprised of multiple layers/masks will be subject to a $14.99 setup charge.
  • What is Sublimation Dye Printing?
    Both vectorized (path based) and rasterized (pixel based) graphics can be used in the sublimation dye printing process. Vectorized graphics are the ideal file type,as they can be scaled up, or down in size, without affecting the print quality. Rasterized graphics (.jpg, .png, .bmp, .gif, etc) can have poor print quality depending on factors such as image resolution and size of the surface being printed. Acceptable file extensions for sublimation dye printing are as follows: Vectorized image files: .ai, .eps, .cdr, .svg, .pdf Rasterized image files: .jpg, .png, .bmp, .psd, .gif, .tiff Regardless of the process, or file type, you can always submit your artwork ahead of your purchase to: for a free evaluation! What if my artwork files are unavailable, or not submitted in the correct format? Order processing delays will be encountered where orders are placed, and submitted graphic files have been provided, or uploaded in an incorrect format. This issue is most common when non-vector (rasterized) graphic types are submitted, or uploaded for orders that have been placed for laser engraved products. When we receive orders for laser engraved products, with non-compliant graphic submittals, we have to reach out to the customer to inform them that their order cannot be processed, as it was placed. The customer will then be presented with the option to either: Resubmit their graphic in the proper format, or Pay one time setup fees for graphic development services We do offer raster-to-vector graphic development services, starting at $45.00 per graphic/image. Those services are considered commissioned graphic design services, and a copy of the vectorized graphic will be issued upon completion. The default file issuance will be in a .pdf file, however, other file extensions are available upon request, at no additional charge. There are some limited scenarios where customers will be offered basic raster-to-vector graphic development at a reduced rate of $25.00, however, those reduced rates are only offered to customers that are able to provide their rasterized artwork with a base resolution of 300ppi (original resolution, not upscaled), or higher. I am a previous customer, can I reuse my artwork? Yes, absolutely! Whether you provide us with your own artwork files, or we develop them for you through our fee-based services, we retain all developed artwork for our customers to call on, for use in any product that we sell. If you were required to pay a setup fee to develop a design for your order, you will not be required to pay any further setup fees for that design, and can have it used in any product that we sell! For example, if you paid the $14.99 setup fee to have our staff create a design for an order on a slate coaster, but you want to use that design on something else, like a glass, or a sign, or some wall décor, you can specify that the previous design on file be used, and we will size it to the work piece before we engrave, or print! Basically, as long as you have developed artwork on file, there are never any setup fees! We do allow some minor modification requests of existing artwork without imposing setup fees (text/dedications). Any graphical redesign work, or new artwork requests will be subject to applicable setup fees. Are there any setup fees for text-only designs? We never charge setup fees for text-only designs. Simply provide us with the text you would like to have engraved!. If you are not sure what font styles you would like to have used, we typically refer customers to online font repositories, such as Dafont, 1001 Fonts, or Google Fonts. We have tens of thousands of fonts available, so chances are good that we will have, or can access your favorite font styles!
  • Do I have to provide my own artwork files?
    Absolutely not! If all you have is an idea in your head, but no actual design files, just provide us with a description of what you want to have created, and choose the option in the listing to have our staff set you up with a design, for a small setup charge of $14.99, and we will create a design using our massive commercial vector art library!
  • Do you laser engrave personal items?
    Yes, absolutely! However, you may be asked to provide an SDS (MSDS) sheet for your product, or even sign a Waiver of Liability/Hold Harmless Agreement before any laser engraving work can be performed on your personal item/product. If you are able to provide us with a sample, or a piece of scrap of the same type of material used in the item that you want to have engraved, that will go a long way in developing a set of parameters that we can use to engrave, or mark on the actual piece, without running the risk of damaging, or destroying the item. Without a representative sample piece to run material testing on, we are left to essentially go in blind, without any knowledge of how the material will react to the laser engraving process, and there is a higher risk of the item being severely damaged, or destroyed. Certain materials generate very poisonous and/or highly corrosive gasses that can cause harm to our employees, or damage/destroy our equipment, so depending on what is being submitted for laser engraving, you may be asked to provide an SDS sheet before we agree to engrave your item.
  • How secure is my personal information?
    Your credit card information is encrypted during transmission using secure socket layer (SSL) technology, which is widely used on the internet for processing payments. Your credit card information is only used to complete the requested transaction and is not subsequently stored.
  • What forms of payment do you accept?
    We accept PayPal, Cryptocurrencies, and the following credit cards: Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express.
  • What if my order arrives damaged or does not show up at all?
    While these situations are unfortunate, they do happen, and because of this, every product is sent out with insurance. Please refer to our "Shipping Policies" page for more information on how to resolve these issues.
  • Do you ship internationally?
    Yes, absolutely! Please check with your local customs requirements, as Value Added Tax (VAT) may be imposed by your local jurisdiction.
  • What shipping carriers do you use?
    Our primary shipper is UPS, but we do also ship using a variety of other couriers (USPS, FedEx, DHL, etc). We will select the best carrier for specific countries to make sure your package arrives in time.
  • How long does it take to process my order?
    Once proofs have been developed, sent, and approved, orders are processed, and leave our shop within 3-4 days (on average). During the holidays, and peak shopping seasons, this timeframe may be extended, without notice, so if your order is time sensitive, we highly advise customers reach out to us first to find out what our current work load looks like.
  • Are all my items shipped together?
    Yes, we will typically condense an order in as few boxes as possible, but larger orders may be sent in multiple packages.
  • Can I cancel my order?
    We do accept cancellation requests within 2 days of purchase, unless your order is a special order. Acrylic signs and Sneeze Guards would be special ordered products that cannot be cancelled without penalties and fees being imposed. Once an order has been engraved/printed/cut etc, the order is no longer eligible or cancellation, or return.
  • What is your return policy?
    We can only accept returns on product that has not been personalized in any way.
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